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Air pollution poisons 2.6m children daily


Millions of British kids attend schools in areas with dangerous pollution levels

About 6,500 schools, with 2.6million pupils, are in areas where air particles exceed safe limits

By Chloe Kerr9th May 2019, 1:44 amUpdated: 9th May 2019, 1:44 pm

MILLIONS of British children are attending schools that have dangerous levels of pollution.

Around 6,500 schools - with 2.6m children - are in areas where air particles exceed World Health Organisation limits, a Times investigation found.

The revelation comes days after the High Court ordered a new inquest into the death of a London girl whose mother claims the exhaust fumes from the roads killed her.

Fine particles are the most dangerous form of air pollution because their microscopic size allows them to penetrate the lungs and enter the blood stream.

The WHO limit is ten micrograms per cubic metre.

Every school in London exceeds the limit, and the total number includes 3,900 nurseries and primary schools.

Young children are thought to be more at risk from fine particles as their lungs are still developing.

In January the government claimed it would be tackling air pollution as part of a clean air strategy.

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