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Aldi will delist brands that don't act on plastics packaging by 2022

Aldi UK's chief executive Giles Hurley has written to suppliers of third-party brands, warning that they will be delisted unless they align with the supermarket's 2025 plastics packaging commitments.

The retailer is aiming for all plastics and non-plastics packaging used on own-brand lines to be 100% reusable, compostable or recyclable at kerbside by 2022 – and Hurley’s letter, sent on Tuesday (10 March), states that third-party suppliers’ contracts will be axed unless they make the same pledges.

In the letter, Hurley writes that future buying decisions “will be based on our supply partners’ ability to lead and adapt in this area”, and that compliance with the 2022 targets will become a “non-negotiable” contract clause.

“I request that you speak openly with your buying contact to actively explore all opportunities to develop more innovative packaging solutions and deliver on our packaging commitments,” the letter states.

“We want to work with you to trial alternative materials, innovate new packaging solutions and crucially be open-minded to all options. I look forward to seeing the progress that we can achieve together, in this business-critical area.


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