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Alpro Launches Range Of Low-Calorie Vegan Ice-Creams

Three new plant-based dairy-free ice-creams

Plant-Based food giant, Alpro, has debuted a range of low-calorie vegan ice-creams made primarily from soy.

The new Alpro 360 range includes three flavors - caramel macchiato swirl, passionate mango swirl, and a velvety chocolate swirl - contain only 360 calories per 450ml tub.  

'What's not to love?'

"What's not to love? New Alpro 360 ice cream not only tastes utterly delicious, it also has only 360 calories per tub," the company's website states.

"It's about the full 360º experience: 100 percent plant-based, made from nature's tastiest ingredients, light in texture and, amazingly, with no sweeteners at all."

The Alpro 360 ice-creams are currently stocked at Morrisons both instore and online, as well as on Ocado's website.

'The future of food is plant-based'

Earlier this year, the company launched a zero waste vegan takeaway, dubbed the 'Plant-Based Bucket'.

Featuring vegan chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and a garlic dip, the meal is served in edible buckets made from nuts, seeds, and spices.

Head of Plant Power, Stephaine Balsom-Eynon, said: "We've always said that the future of food is plant-based because this way of eating is good for people, and good for the planet – and now, thanks to Alpro, plant-based could be the future for takeaways too."


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