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Andrex packs to use 30% recycled plastic from June, move follows recently removed plastic handles

The first product to incorporate packaging using 30% recycled plastic packaging made from post-consumer resin will be Andrex Classic Clean.

New packs will appear in major retailers from this month. The brand’s owners, Kimberly-Clark, said that the switch will remote 481 tonnes of virgin plastic over the next 12 months. It claimed this was the equivalent of 48 million 500ml PET virgin plastic bottles.

Ori Ben Shai, vice president and managing director of Kimberly-Clark UK, said: “The launch of the new 30% recycled plastic packaging forms part of our wider ambition to leave a greener ‘pawprint’ on the planet. Beyond this, we aim to have at least 50% recycled plastic content in our packaging by 2023, and we will continue to look for more sustainable alternatives that reduce our environmental footprint, without compromising on the quality of our products that our customers know and love.”

The Andrex brand recently removed plastic handles from wrapped packs of toilet tissue, said to save 31 tonnes of plastic per year.


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