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Bali officially bans all single-use plastic to curb ocean pollution

Bali has banned the use of single-use plastic items in a bid to cut down on ocean pollution.

The law prohibiting plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam has come into effect as of July 2, after a six-month transition period that ended last month.

The Indonesian government has ambitious goals for the policy, hoping to achieve a 70 percent decrease in Bali’s plastic marine waste within a year.

“This policy is aimed at producers, distributors, suppliers and business actors, including individuals, to suppress the use of single-use plastics. They must substitute plastics with other materials,” Bali Governor Wayan Koster said at the time, according to the Jakarta Post.

For those who did not comply with the ban, Koster said: “If they disobey, we will take action, like not extending their business permit.”

The policy is a part of a global movement against single-use plastic — in March this year, New York lawmakers voted to bar retailers from giving customers their purchases in single-use plastic bags. The legislation is set to go into effect on March 1, 2020.


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