Bristol first UK city to ban diesel cars, ban starts from March 2021

Bristol is set to become the first UK city to ban diesel cars in a bid to improve air quality.

Mayor Marvin Rees saying they had a "moral, ecological and legal duty" to cut pollution after the measure was approved by the city council on Tuesday evening.

Under the plans, all privately owned diesel vehicles will be barred from entering a clean air zone in the city centre every day between 7am and 3pm by March 2021.

The proposals are subject to government approval and consultation with local residents and businesses

Mr Rees told the council: "We have a moral, we have an ecological and we have a legal duty to clean up the air we breathe."


Drivers breaking the ban will be fined. Although councillors have considered introducing a £60 penalty, Mr Rees said the size of the fine is yet to be finalised.

Mike Jackson, the council's head of paid services, confirmed: "We haven't decided what the amount of that penalty charge should be

A car scrappage scheme has also been proposed in a bid to encourage road users to switch to less damaging alternatives.

Diesel-powered commercial vehicles like buses, taxis and heavy goods vehicles will also face restrictions but efforts will be made to minimise disruption.

Labour cabinet member for housing Paul Smi