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Burger King UK targets 0% single use plastic by 2025

Burger King® UK has set out its road map on sustainability, food quality and ethics in a new charter launched today entitled: Burger King for Good.

The charter will highlight the culmination of many years’ dedication to a number of programmes across the business to improve Burger King UK sustainability credentials, and its commitment to develop its food strategy, as well as its initiatives to champion diversity and inclusivity across the business.

Amongst the sustainability targets set out are goals to reach 100% recycled or certified packaging by 2025, 0% single use plastic by 2025 and adoption of WRAP’s food waste road map. The home of the Whopper® in the UK will also focus on sustainably sourced commodities including soy, palm oil, tea, coffee, timber and paper, in a bid to minimise the negative social and environmental impacts of its operational footprint. The principles are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aim to end poverty, protect our planet and increase prosperity for all.


Dec 06, 2022

When it comes to reducing our reliance on single-use plastics, Burger King UK is already ahead of the curve. The burger giant announced that it wants to eliminate all single-use plastics from its operations by 2023.

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Nov 11, 2022

Burger King UK is committed to reducing its use of plastic packaging and packaging materials. The company is already one of the UK’s leading recyclers, and it plans to increase its recycling rate even further

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