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Cargo bikes are the future of last mile delivery (and more)

Cargo bikes are often faced with misconceptions about their potential and use for large scale logistics. In order to clarify Pedal Me have done some analysis of their fleet last September to demonstrate their efficiency in dense urban areas and emphasise their competitive advantage over cars and smaller vans. Here are some of their findings (more detail in the link below):

1. Logistical advantages of e-bikes

a. They can be faster: In central London traffic moved at an average speed of 11.4km/h whereas e-bikes average was 15km/h

b. Their trips are shorter. The research showed that equivalent journeys by van were between 6% and 10% longer

2. Using e-bikes to their full potential

They can carry up to 150kg plus the same again on a trailer. They can be used to transport people as well as goods and can replace vans on up to 90% of their inner city journeys

3. Beneficial impacts in the city

Less congestion / Reduced CO2 / Noise reduction / Safety / Encourage better cycling infrastructure.


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