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Coca-Cola will no longer use plastic shrink-wrap on can multipacks sold in the UK

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Instead, four, six and eight packs of cans will be entirely packaged in 100% recyclable, sustainably-sourced cardboard, they said. The transition will take place over the next 18 months and will affect Coca-Cola (original taste and zero sugar), Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Lilt. Multipacks of 10 cans come wrapped in cardboard already, the company said. The shrink-wrap currently used by the brand is already recyclable, but only 10 per cent of local authorities collect the material, Coca-Cola states. While around 98 per cent of local authorities collect the cardboard, they said. They claim this will remove 4,000 tonnes of plastic from circulation across the region. The transition will take place over the next 18 months (Picture: Bloomberg via Getty Images) Jon Woods, General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain said: ‘All of our cans are 100% recyclable, but we know it’s not easy for consumers to recycle the plastic shrink-wrap from our multipacks. ADVERTISING ‘By replacing shrink-wrap with cardboard, we are making it easier for consumers to recycle the packaging after they’ve enjoyed our drinks. ‘We’re taking action wherever we can to ensure we’re removing unnecessary packaging and making sure all of our packaging is as sustainable as possible.’ Earlier this year, Coca-Cola revealed the company produces 3,000,000 tonnes of plastic packaging a year, which is the equivalent of 200,000 bottles a minute. The firm said they are now planning to double the recycled content of their plastic bottles in 2020. They will also switch Sprite bottles from green to clear plastic to make them easier to recycle into new products. Greenpeace UK applauded Coca-Cola for cutting unnecessary their plastic use, but emphasised that swapping one packaging for another is not a long-term solution. Louise Edge, head of Greenpeace UK’s ocean plastics campaign, said: ‘Coca-Cola this year finally admitted it has an enormous plastic footprint of three million tonnes, so it could certainly do with cutting out unnecessary plastic packaging on multi-packs. ‘This is a positive step that shows Coca-Cola is shifting towards plastic reduction, rather than focusing on recycling – which will never be enough to solve our plastic pollution crisis. ‘But clearly Coca-Cola need to go much further and start replacing the 120 billion throwaway plastic bottles they sell each year with reusable, refillable alternatives.”

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