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Colgate introduces manual toothbrush with a reusable handle and 80% less plastic

Over 495 million adult manual toothbrushes were purchased in the U.S. in 2020 and will likely end up in landfill because they cannot be easily recycled.

The company has made it their mission to take steps towards addressing this global matter by reinventing the manual toothbrush with a reusable handle to contain 80% less plastic*.

Colgate® Keep is designed with a snap-on replaceable brush head and a reusable aluminum handle to inspire people to make small steps that add up to significant impact. With availability online and at national retailers, Colgate® Keep is making less plastic more accessible for all looking for easy ways to reduce their plastic waste.

So why should reducing plastic waste be a priority in oral care? Due to their small size, mix of materials, and limitations in municipal recycling capabilities, toothbrushes are not accepted in typical recycling streams. For ten years, through a partnership with TerraCycle, Colgate has recycled more than 5 million toothbrushes and other oral care items, diverting waste from landfills‡. Colgate® Keep provides an easier solution.

Colgate knows people don't want to sacrifice efficacy, which is why Keep will come with two bristle variants (Deep Clean with Floss-Tip bristles** and Whitening with spiral polishing bristles), as well as a cheek and tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head to get rid of more bacteria†. It features a replaceable head that uses 80% less plastic* than traditional Colgate manual toothbrushes as well as a lightweight 100% aluminum handle that is long-lasting and comes in two colors, navy or silver. The outer cardboard packaging is made with 60% recycled content, all of which is recyclable.

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