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Duuo Launches Vegan Sneakers Collection Using Reclaimed Ocean Plastic

Footwear Company Ditches Leather To Produce Vegan Sneakers Using Reclaimed Ocean Plastic

In a 'turning point' for the brand, Duuo has launched its first ever vegan collection

Footwear company, Duuo, has ditched its conventional production of leather to focus on creating vegan sneakers made from reclaimed ocean plastic.

Following the brand's Kickstarter to produce the new sneakers, partly made from recycled PET from plastic bottles collected from the seabed, the company has announced its aim to turn vegan, describing it as a 'turning point for the brand'.

'Welcome to the vegan side'

"We've realized the problems caused for animals, people and the planet by this kind of production and that's why we're presenting our first 100 percent vegan model, the flagship of the change that will come soon if this campaign achieves its goal. With your help we'll turn ourselves into the brand we've always wanted to be," the Kickstarter states.

"We commit to use more sustainable, ethical and empathic materials and techniques of production whilst promoting responsible consumption. We do all of that without sacrificing the style, design, and personality that define us. And to do all this we need you.

"With your help, we'll become the brand we've always wanted to be. Welcome to the Duuo era. Welcome to the vegan side."


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