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Earth Day Plastics Pollution App - take pictures and help identify the sources of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a global problem that requires collective action to solve. The production of plastic products has grown exponentially since the material was invented, but today only 9% is recycled. Inefficient recycling systems and the chemical compositions that make plastic unable to fully decompose spell new problems for our planet and our health — we now see plastics on our beaches, in our oceans and even in the stomachs of animals and people. Earth Challenge will monitor and help mitigate the damage of global plastic pollution worldwide by helping to identify the sources of plastic pollution and the areas most affected by it. and help to identify the sources of plastic.

Plastics Pollution App For the plastics pollution widget, we are excited to offer two levels of engagement: Plastics Pollution: The plastics app allows anyone to take a picture of plastic pollution, anywhere. These data will help us understand what types of plastics pollution are found around the world. By simply pausing to take a picture of a piece of plastic you see and uploading it to be verified on the Earth Challenge app, you can contribute to valuable scientific data.  Clean-up mode: Once deployed in mid-2020, this mode will be in concert with Earth Day Network’s initiative, The Great Global Cleanup. This part of the app will track and categorize participants’ collected trash during designated cleanups across the world, in collaboration with UN-Environment and others to enable Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) reporting.



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