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European Court of Justice court upholds ban on Bayer pesticides linked to harming bees

The European Union’s top court on Thursday upheld the EU’s partial ban on three insecticides linked to harming bees, preventing their use on certain crops.

The European Court of Justice dismissed an appeal by Bayer (BAYGn.DE) to overturn a lower EU court's 2018 decision to uphold the ban.

The ruling covers three active substances - imidacloprid developed by Bayer CropScience, clothianidin developed by Takeda Chemical Industries (4502.T) and Bayer CropScience, as well as Syngenta's thiamethoxam.

A Bayer spokesperson said it was disappointed by the verdict and stood by the safety of the products, which continue to be used in other regions with appropriate risk mitigation measures applied.

"The verdict seems to allow the (European) Commission almost carte blanche to review existing approvals upon the slightest evidence, which need not even be new scientific data," the spokesperson said.

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willam olivar
willam olivar
08. Jan.

European Court of Justice affirms ban on Bayer pesticides, citing harm to bees. Explore a soothing escape with our Wellness Collection of Herbal Teas, prioritizing nature's well being.ECJ Bayer HerbalTeas Wellness

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18. Apr. 2023

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled to uphold a ban on certain pesticides produced by German chemical giant Bayer AG. The ruling, which was published on Wednesday, comes after years of debate over the potential harm posed to bee populations by the products.

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15. Feb. 2023

The European Court of Justice has recently ruled in favor of the ban on two pesticides sold by German chemical giant Bayer AG, which were linked to harming bees. Affordable Real Estate Services in Los Gatos CA

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10. Jan. 2023

The European Court of Justice has just upheld a ban on certain pesticides from Bayer, the multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company after it was discovered that the chemicals were linked to harming bees.

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01. Dez. 2022

EFSA's previous research had concluded that the chemicals were probably responsible for the collapse of bee colonies around the world.

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