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France Will Implement New “Ecotax” on Plane Tickets in 2020

Starting next year, all flights departing from France will have up to $20 of tax added to the fare.

The French government will implement an “ecotax” on plane tickets for flights departing from France from next year.

Transport minister Elisabeth Borne said Tuesday that the tax will be between €1.50 (US$1.70) and €18 (US$20).

The tax is expected to raise over €180 million (US$200 million) from 2020 to invest in eco-friendly transport infrastructure, including rail.

She said the only exceptions from the tax will be for domestic flights to Corsica and France’s overseas territories and for connecting flights that pass through France. It will not apply to flights arriving in France.

For domestic and European flights, the tax will be €1.50 for economy tickets and €9 (US$10) for business class, up to €18 for business flights outside the EU.


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