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Helsinki aims to be carbon neutral by 2035, progress can be viewed on Helsinki Climate Watch service

Helsinki aims to be carbon neutral by 2035. That initiative is monitored closely, and involves everything from construction to transport to electricity production. Progress can be explored on the open-source Helsinki Climate Watch service.

Helsinki’s path to carbon neutrality focuses primarily on actions that the city itself can directly influence. At the same time, the city is actively seeking new solutions and partnerships to tackle the climate emergency.

The city launched the Helsinki Energy Challenge, a global, €1 million competition for innovators anywhere to devise serious solutions to decarbonize the heating of Helsinki by 2029. Currently, over half of Helsinki’s carbon dioxide emissions originate directly from the production of district heating, and more than half of the city’s heat is produced with coal. If the right solution is found, the competition has huge global potential for reducing the consumption of coal and subsequent carbon production.

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