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Huggies launches 100% 'natural fibre' biodegradable baby wipes

In October 2019, Huggies announced a commitment to eliminate plastics from its baby wipe range in the UK over the next five years, covering the wipes themselves and their packaging.

The launch of the new wipes, called Huggies Pure Biodegradable, is a step towards this goal. The product is made using 100% “natural fibres” and consumers will be encouraged to place used wipes in their regular household waste, as degradation outside of landfill conditions will not be as effective.

“We know this announcement will be welcome news for parents who rely on these wipes as an everyday childcare essential but are also trying to reduce their impact on the planet,” Kimberly-Clark UK & Ireland’s VP and managing director Ori Ben Shai said.

“Launching our first biodegradable product brings us ever closer to fulfilling the goals made in our ‘Tiniest Footprint’ Mission. We know we still have a long way to go on this ambitious plan but are committed to developing the best possible products that meet our consumers’ ever-changing demands.”

Kimberly-Clark estimates that it has removed 359 tonnes of plastic from its broader portfolio of baby wipes and wipe packaging this year. Aside from creating plastic-free wipes, it has removed the internal bags from large pack boxes. Huggies is notably part of WRAP’s UK’s Plastic Pact.

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Dec 19, 2022

very nice product for babies. science is becoming advance day by day.

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