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Isle of Man government proposes ban on single-use plastics in 2020 legislation

The Isle of Man is to see a ban on plastic bags and plates in a bid to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

The Manx government has proposed bringing the island in line with the European Union, which voted to ban single-use plastic items by 2021.

Straws, plastic-stemmed cotton buds and balloon sticks will also be banned, though some exceptions will be allowed.

Environment Minister Geoffrey Boot said the aim was to "minimise the impact" of the material.

The ban is a new addition to the government's single-use plastic reduction plan, which was given Tynwald's backing in July 2018, and will form part of the Climate Change Bill being brought forward in 2020.

Mr Boot said his department would work "in tandem with the bill" to ensure it would be implemented "fairly quickly" once it receives royal ascent.

He said "consumer pressure" would play a big part in forcing companies to change, but added it would be "silly to say that we could eliminate plastic from our lives".

Chief Minister Howard Quayle said business owners should already be looking at what they can do, adding that the government was committed to "educational awareness" to help them reach their targets.

Manx Fish Producers' Dr David Beard said he fully supported the plans, but they needed to be "more far-reaching".


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