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London theatre the Royal Court to ban visitors from bringing single-use plastic bottles

Audience members at the Royal Court theatre will be banned from taking in single-use plastic bottles as part of a mission to become a net-zero carbon arts venue in 2020.

The London theatre announced it was scrapping its plan to have a month of performance on the climate emergency. Instead, it said, it would spend the time taking stock to find ways to make the organisation net zero by the end of next year.

That will include examining all aspects of its operations, from lighting and set design to its bar and restaurant and whether someone can take in a single-use plastic bottle of drink.

“It would be banned and I think it’s really important that it is banned,” said the theatre’s artistic director, Vicky Featherstone. “We are not nannying people: when they leave our building they can behave how they want but, actually, I think it is really important that people have to think about how they come in to the space and what it means.


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