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M&S aims to become a zero-waste business by 2025.

M&S has launched a plastic plan as part of its target of becoming a zero-waste business by 2025.

M&S is committed to only using plastic in its business where there is a clear and demonstrable benefit of doing so. The retailer has committed to removing over 1,000 tonnes of plastic packaging from its business by spring 2019, which includes designing plastic out, replacing it with planet friendly alternatives and making sure that any plastic it does use can be easily recycled. M&S has already phased out 75 million pieces of plastic cutlery given out in its stores each year and replaced two million straws with paper alternatives.

By 2022 all M&S product packaging in the UK will be ‘widely recyclable’M&S has started phasing out black plastic from products such as ready meals and fruit and vegetables and will extend this to fish, meat and poultry later this year


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