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Mars To Launch Plant-Based Galaxy Chocolate Bars In UK on November 18

Mars is set to launch three plant-based versions of its famous Galaxy chocolate bars in the UK.

The bars, which are certified by The Vegan Society, will launch in store and online at Tesco, Ocado, and Amazon from November 18 costing £3 per 100g. 

Vegan Galaxy

They will come in three flavors: smooth orange, caramel and sea salt and caramelized hazelnut. The dairy in the chocolate has been replaced by hazelnut paste and rice syrup.

The bars are wrapped in a film made from wood fiber, which is fully compostable, and a cardboard sleeve, which is recyclable.

'So excited'

"We're so excited to be bringing these delicious treats to Galaxy's range using a vegan recipe that doesn't compromise on the brand's signature smooth and creamy characteristics," said Kerry Cavanaugh, marketing director at Mars Wrigley UK.

"Wherever you look you can't avoid the vegan buzz in the UK. Even though vegan treats are currently only worth £10 million in a £4 billion chocolate market, we think that by introducing Galaxy, one of the UK's best-known brands, there is a huge opportunity for the category to grow."

Abigail Stevens, the trademark marketing manager at the Vegan Society, added: "We're proud to register Galaxy's first-ever non-dairy milk chocolate bars with our vegan trademark. The brand has demonstrated that dairy is not necessary to make great tasting chocolate, and that people can still enjoy their favorites without the use of animals."


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