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Mexico City passes a ban on plastic bags, utensils & other disposable plastic items for late 2020

Mexico City bans disposable plastics

Mexico City lawmakers have passed a ban on plastic bags, utensils and other disposable plastic items to take effect at the end of 2020

Mexico City's legislature voted Thursday to ban businesses from buying, selling or giving their customers disposable plastics, a major shift for a sprawling capital that is awash in them.

The ban, set to come into force in December 2020 or January 2021, includes such articles as non-biodegradable plastic bags, straws, cutlery, cups and coffee capsules, the legislature said in a statement, calling them a "serious environmental problem."

It puts the city of nine million people at the forefront of global efforts to protect the environment and curb the amount of plastic that ends up in the Earth's oceans -- eight million tonnes a year.

Legislators said they would now open debate on a spending package to help companies shift their production and use of plastics toward biodegradable materials.


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