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Norway provides $80 million in aid package for Guyana solar farms to preserve the Amazon rainforest

GEORGETOWN, Guyana:  Guyana's government says Norway has disbursed $80 million in aid to help the South American nation build a number of mega solar farms.

Infrastructure Minister David Patterson said the money will be used in coming months to provide "at least 30 megawatts of solar power" in north and southwestern Guyana. Solar power already generates electricity for dozens of indigenous communities in the country.

Guyana has made an effort to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, although it will likely become an oil producer by 2020 following the discovery of large quantities of oil and gas.

The aid is part of a $250 million deal Guyana signed with Norway in 2009 to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Photo credit: A general view shows solar panels to produce renewable energy at the Urbasolar photovoltaic park in Gardanne, France, June 25, 2018. Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier


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