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Oregon's state-wide plastic bag ban now in effect

Oregon legislators are hoping to kick 2020 off with a new, green law with the mandatory use of paper or fabric reusable bags.

The ban was already passed in Eugene but now the change will be enforced statewide. This means shoppers will have to bring reusable bags with them or pay a small fee of five cents.

Those in Springfield who didn't have to pay a fee will now have to change with the state.

If you forget yours today, you're in luck... some stores like Fred Meyer are offering free ones but don't get too comfortable.

If you don't start bringing bags, you will have to buy them for five cents apiece.

“I definitely think it helps, I don't think it hurts for certain and I think at first people may be a little annoyed that they have to remember to put their bags into their car and bring them into the grocery store but it's just like anything else, it becomes another habit that you learn,” said Eugene Resident, Lynette Williams.

Customers will now have to get into that habit for the foreseeable future.

“It's a big change but we used to use paper bags when I grew up so I don't see any problem with using paper bags again or reusable,” SAID Springfield Resident, Tammy Puett.

This change was approved by the 2019 Oregon legislature.


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