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Princes to ditch plastic packaging on all tuna multipacks, with 28m products to go plastic-free

Princes has announced plans to move all of its tuna multipacks to cardboard sleeve packaging, as part of a drive to attract new customers and encourage reappraisal of the brand.

The time frame put forward by the company will see the switch to cardboard completed within 18-24 months, with the first products due to hit shelves within weeks.

According to Princes, the initiative will see 96 tonnes of plastic removed from its tuna products annually, as plastic wrap is replaced by FSC-certified cardboard.

The project reportedly forms part of wider efforts by Princes Group to enhance its sustainability credentials, including a commitment to ensuring that 100% of its remaining packaging is widely recyclable by 2025.

Mat Lowery, commercial director fish at Princes Group, said: “Packaging innovation has become a cornerstone of how we bring our company vision to life – proudly helping families to eat well without costing the earth.

“We have always championed the 100% recyclability of the can of course, but this latest initiative will make it even easier for our consumers to recycle more and feel better about what they buy.

“This is a huge undertaking for the business, but one we believe is right for our customers and for the environment. We have a clear roadmap for how this will be introduced across our tuna multipack range. We will also continue to innovate across our broader range of products.”


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