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Quezon City, Philippines ban plastic bags starting January 2020

Mayor Joy Belmonte on Thursday announced that the use of plastic bags in malls, supermarkets, and other establishments inside Quezon City will be banned starting January 2020.

“‘Yung ban on plastic bags, single-use plastic bags na dati binabayaran ng two pesos sa mga mall, by January banned na talaga siya and that was agreed upon by all the establishments,” Belmonte said on the sidelines of an environmental forum organized by Stratbase in Taguig City.

“Wala talagang plastic bag tapos after two years pati ‘yung paper bag ay ipagbabawal na rin natin. Ang gusto nating goal ay masanay na kayo na recyclable bags ang gamit everytime you go to the markets,” she added.

According to Belmonte, the P2.50 plastic charge that is being collected in establishments in Quezon City are allocated to fund environmental projects.

The amount collected already reached around P300 million to P400 million but have not yet been fully utilized by the establishments, she said.

“‘Yung original ordinance bahala na ‘yung malls, establishments na mag-determine ng environmental projects na gusto nilang maisakatupran,” Belmonte said.

“Nangolekta na nang nangolekta, dumami na nang dumami ang pondo hindi naman sila nag-iimplement ng projects,” she added.

Belmonte said the previously collected charges for use of plastic bags will soon be transferred to the city government’s trust fund for the environment to ensure proper utilization.


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