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Sack the Sachet launch seeks govt action to be taken on ‘valueless’ 855 billion sachets used a year

Campaigners against single-use plastics are turning their attention to sachets used for food and other liquids, calling for UK and EU lawmakers to implement an all-out ban.

An open letter, signed by nearly 50 heads of business, politicians and campaigners, cites research showing that 855 billion sachets are used globally each year, enough to cover the Earth’s surface. The letter states that the world is on track to use one trillion plastic sachets annually by 2030, unless “urgent action” is taken.

Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, said: “In recent years, governments and business have gone all out to enforce a ban on plastic straws, cotton buds and even bags.

“And yet the plastic sachet, the ultimate symbol of our grab and go, convenience-addicted lifestyle, has been virtually invisible to all. The result? Our earth is saturated with these uncollectable, unrecyclable, contaminated, valueless little packets.”

She adds: “It’s time to close the legal loophole. Now more than ever before we have to Sack The Sachet.”


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