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Scotland's Beatrice the fourth largest offshore wind farm in the world to be opened

The Beatrice project is the fourth largest offshore wind farm in the world, with only two projects in England and one off the Netherlands generating more energy.

The Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, located about eight miles (13km) off the coast of Wick in the far north, can generate enough energy to power 450,000 homes.

The £2.65bn project, which involves 84 huge turbines, came fully online in May and achieved 588MW of electricity.

It is Scotland's single largest source of renewable energy.

The development, construction and operation were led by SSE Renewables in a joint venture with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Red Rock Power Limited.

Construction started in May 2016 and SSE said it was completed on time and under the £100m budget.

Claire Mack, chief executive of Scottish Renewables, said the scale of the project was "truly staggering".

"Scotland has a quarter of Europe's offshore wind resource and Beatrice represents one of the first steps in tapping it," she said.

"As our offshore wind projects continue to build out we'll see the environmental and economic benefits of offshore wind grow across Scotland, with jobs and investment transforming communities, as they already are in Wick."

She added: "With the right support from government, a supply chain which is competitive on price, quality and timescales and the commitment of industry, offshore wind has a bright future in Scotland as we work towards meeting some of the world's most challenging climate change targets and building a smart energy system with renewable energy at its heart."


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