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Starbucks trials the use of recyclable and compostable paper cups in the UK

The tests are designed to provide key insights and learnings into the partner and customer in-store experience with the goal of no noticeable differences in performance between the new cup and current cup, Starbucks says

Starbucks will trial the compostable paper cups across select stores in San Francisco, London, Seattle, New York and Vancouver. It builds on an overall ambition to develop a 100% compostable and recyclable coffee cup solution by 2022.

The compostable cups are fitted with a BioPBS liner, rather than polyethene, which is certified as both compostable and recyclable. The BioPBS technology was created by a winning company of the NextGen Cup Challenge and has been researched and developed internally by Starbucks to a point where they a ready to rollout out in-market tests of the cup’s performance. The store trials will last for four weeks.


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