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Tamil Nadu extends plastic bag ban to plastic for primary food packaging

With a motive to make Tamil Nadu plastic-free, the state government has issued notification regarding ban of use of plastic for primary food packaging. Issued on June 5, World Environment Day, the notification clearly states, "Plastic bags, which constitute or form an “integral part of packaging” in which goods are sealed prior to use at manufacturing or processing units, are not exempted any more from the plastic ban."Here's everything you need to know about the notification

According to news reports, the plastic bags which are used as an integral part of packaging for sealing goods to avoid any sort of damage are not exempted under this plastic ban notification. As per the government order, the concerned authorities will explore alternatives along with Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology. As per a statement, the alternative packaging material has to be compostable plastic and it has to be approved by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.


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