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Tesco targets plastic waste in 'refillables' online trial with Loop

Online shoppers at Tesco will be able to order ketchup and Coca-Cola in refillable bottles as part of a pilot service by Britain’s biggest supermarket chain that aims to cut down on waste generated by plastic packaging.

Britons have become increasingly aware of the amount of plastic they use in recent years, with television documentaries such as David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet II” highlighting the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life.

Tesco has partnered with Loop, a spin-off of waste management company TerraCycle, for the trial which will allow online shoppers to buy products, such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup , Coca-Cola CCEPC.L, Nivea moisturiser and Persil washing powder, in reusable containers.

The Tesco pilot follows one Loop launched with France’s Carrefour last year.

Customers will pay a refundable deposit on each piece of packaging used and receive products in Loop’s reusable bag.

After use, customers place the empty containers back into Loop’s bag, which can then be picked up or dropped off at one of 2,500 DPD collection points across the UK.

Loop will sort and clean the empty containers so they can be refilled by the manufacturer.

Tesco and Loop also aim to make products in reusable packaging available at Tesco’s stores in 2021.


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