Top five go-to iOS apps to reduce your carbon footprint

As a follow up to Earth Day, there are some useful apps and games for you so that you can demonstrate your support for environmental protection. These apps empower you to make a difference wherever you are:


Plant trees by searching the web: A mature tree removes 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide every year, according to the European Environment Agency. To help, switch to the nonprofit search engine Ecosia, which invests search-ad revenue toward restoring deforested areas all over the globe. Check out Ecosia at

Green Kitchen

Cook greener: Here’s your source for easy, delicious vegetarian recipes that star protein-rich healthy ingredients you already have in your kitchen, like sweet potatoes, asparagus, and lentils (18 grams of protein per cooked cup!). Check out Green Kitchen at


Share your surplus: Here’s a great way to share your extra food—and seldom-used kitchen gadgets—with your neighbors. (Plus the app encourages no-contact drop-offs. Check out OLIO at