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UK's sea meadows to be restored in climate fight - Seagrasses store carbon 35 x faster than forests

Seagrasses are the unsung heroes of our coastal seas. As much as 92% of the UK’s seagrass has been lost, restoring it is vital for ocean health. Seagrass has huge benefits. It can protect coasts, improve water filtration and plays the following important roles: We aim to create the first ever full scale seagrass restoration project in the UK, doing our best for

Fisheries Support – 20% of the world’s biggest fisheries are supported by seagrass meadows as fish nurseries.Biodiversity Support – 50 species of fish live in or visit UK seagrass, supporting 30 times more animals than nearby habitat.Fight Climate Change – Seagrasses store carbon 35 times faster than forests. Restoring them traps carbon dioxide.Seagrass

Ocean Rescue plans to restore seagrass in a small experimental two hectare area (approximately two rugby pitches) in collaboration with local people in Dale in West Wales. Over the coming years we also aim to inspire future major projects in other areas to restore the UK’s seagrass meadows to help support our climate, our fisheries and our coastal livelihoods.This project builds on research led by Swansea University in Wales that has been inspired by the achievements of successful restoration globally.Our approach is simple, its all about underwater gardening to collect, separate and plant seeds.


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