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UN says 60 countries agreed on zero net carbon emissions by 2050. US, India + China are not listed.

The United Nations recently said that more than 60 countries have agreed to reduce their net carbon emission to zero by 2050. While this is positive news, the fact remains that the group mostly consists of smaller countries such as Maldives and the Marshall Islands who contribute a miniscule amount to the global carbon footprint, apart from a few sizeable ones such as France and Germany. However, the biggest emitters in the world, including India, the third highest contributor, is not a part of these 60 countries. Further two countries, which are not on the list the USA and China, create more than 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions.

While the Industrial Revolution is said to have kickstarted climate change, today, more than ever, CO2 levels are on the rise, making it more pertinent for Governments to step up their climate action plans.

We take a look at the ten largest emitters of Carbon dioxide:

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The Postal Gril
The Postal Gril
Oct 29, 2019

plant more trees, problem solved

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