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Vegan Solero Trials First Ever Multipack Without Plastic Wrappers

Ice cream brand Solero aims to help reduce plastic use in the home in a pioneering trial; 35% less plastic will be used in Solero Organic Peach pack –  its vegan product – compared to the original Solero Organic pack. The trial is part of Unilever‘s #GetPlasticWise ‘Five Point Plastic Plan’ which aims to rethink plastic.  

Solero is an ice cream brand owned by Unilever and first launched in 1994. Unilever recently announced the launch of the first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach, with 35% less plastic compared to the original Solero Organic pack with individual plastic wrappers.

The new box has built-in compartments, so the individual ice creams can be inserted, without a plastic wrapper, and the box can be widely recycled in the UK. The wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero’s Organic Peach range is being trialled exclusively with Ocado, with a limited number of products, to test the new packaging and gather consumer response.

Noel Clarke, Vice President of Refreshment at Unilever, said: “As we head towards summer, we’ve listened to our customers and are working hard to rethink plastic packaging for our ice cream ranges. We’re delighted to be trialling this wrapper-less Solero multipack with Ocado in the UK. If successful and the feedback from customers is positive, this innovative pack could reduce the amount of plastic we use in the future to package our ice creams.”


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