Working from home could ‘significantly’ reduce UK’s CO2 emissions

Updated: May 1, 2019

Employers allowing staff to work from home more often could be the key to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint, new research has suggested.

Research by the jobs site found that doubling the UK’s number of home workers would drastically cut CO2 emissions and the number of cars congesting city streets.

The study comes as growing numbers of people in the UK work from home, highlighting the positive environmental impact of changing the way we work.

Louise Goodman, marketing director at, said: ‘At Monster, we ran a few “what if” scenarios looking into the positive impacts that increased working from home could bring.

‘It turns out beyond potentially improving work life balance, we could see less crowded trains, substantial savings and significantly reduced CO2 emissions. All very good reasons to consider a switch.’

Greater London would have 374,931 fewer cars on the road in the year 2025 if the UK’s number of home workers doubled by that time, Monster found.