IKEA restaurant meals to be 50% plant-based by 2025

As one of the world’s largest food providers, IKEA is taking the next step towards making healthy and sustainable food more affordable and desirable to the many people. By adding more options to the menu in IKEA restaurants that are both more nutritious and delicious, IKEA hopes to inspire more healthy and sustainable choices.

New IKEA food commitments, announced today in connection to a pre-event for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, include that by 2025:

  • 50% of main meals offered in the restaurants to be plant-based and 80% to be non-red meat

  • 80% of all packaged food offered to be plant-based

  • 80% of all main meals offered in the restaurants to fulfil the IKEA Balanced Meal norm* for healthier food

Percentages are not sales targets.

In 2019, over 680 million IKEA customers experienced the IKEA food offer in the restaurants, bistros and the Swedish Food Markets. As a global business, IKEA has a big responsibility – and opportunity – to make a positive difference and inspire a more healthy and sustainable living.

Today, people with thin wallets have the hardest time affording healthy and sustainable products and services. A recent study[1] of 27,000 people across 27 countries confirmed that three out of four people want to reduce their impact on the environment by a large amount, and a significant number of meat eaters would be willing to switch to plant-based alternatives if they taste equally good, and have the same price and nutritional value.

The survey also showed that companies have an important role to play in turning consumer thought