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Ralph Lauren announces sustainability pledge + 100% sustainably sourced materials, including cotton

Ralph Lauren Corporation has announced the launch of its new global citizenship and sustainability strategy called “Design the Change”. 

The strategy will be led by the company’s senior management and is structured around three main areas of focus, cited as “Creating Timeless Style, Protecting the Environment, and Championing Better Lives.” 

It outlines 16 goals aiming to drive progress in the brand’s commitment to ecological and social causes.

They include using 100% sustainably sourced key materials, including cotton, by 2025, and setting science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2020 and 100% renewable energy targets by the end of this year.

Ralph Lauren is also aiming to train its product development and merchant teams on sustainable, circular, inclusive and culturally-aware design by 2020.

Relating to gender equality, Ralph Lauren Corporation intends to achieve gender parity with equal representation in leadership positions at the vice president level and above by 2023. It also hopes to increase female representation in factory management by 25% by 2025. 

Ralph Lauren CEO and president Patrice Louvet said: “When Ralph founded our Company more than 50 years ago, he did so with the conviction that whatever we create is meant to be worn, loved and passed on for generations.

“This philosophy is deeply embedded in our culture, our brands and our purpose – to inspire the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless style. It also inspires Design the Change, a strategy that will accelerate our efforts to create a positive impact in society and a more sustainable future.”


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